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How to Watch Netflix Video Offline with Ad-Supported Plan

Netflix is a leading streaming service that provides a wide range of TV shows, movies, and original content to subscribers. In the past, Netflix was only available as a subscription-based service, where users paid a monthly fee to access its content without any advertisements.

Recently, Netflix has introduced a new Ad-Supported plan that allows users to access a portion of its content for free, with advertisements in between. This is an effort by Netflix to reach a wider audience and attract new subscribers who may not want to pay for a subscription. Here we will introduce the pros and cons of the Ad-Supported plan for you.

watch Netflix video offline with ad-supported plan

Pros and Cons of Ad-Supported Plan


Cost: The Ad-Supported plan is less expensive than the standard Netflix subscription plan, making it more accessible for users on a budget.

No Commitment: Unlike the standard Netflix plan, which requires a monthly subscription, users can watch the Ad-Supported version for free, with no commitment.

Access to Library: The Ad-Supported plan still provides access to a vast library of TV shows, movies, and original content.


Ads: The most significant disadvantage of the Ad-Supported plan is that users will have to watch ads during their streaming experience. The number and frequency of ads will depend on the content being watched and the user's location.

Limited Content: The Ad-Supported plan may have a more limited selection of content compared to the standard Netflix plan. Some popular TV shows and movies may only be available on the standard subscription plan.

Quality: The quality of the video may not be as good as the standard Netflix plan due to limitations on bandwidth and the need to fit in ads.

Overall, the Ad-Supported plan is a good option for those who want to save money or who are not willing to commit to a monthly subscription, but users will have to trade off the inconvenience of watching ads for the lower cost.

The Ad-Supported plan of Netflix does not allow downloading of videos. Only the subscription plans that offer offline viewing allow you to download movies and TV shows to watch later when you don't have an internet connection. So to watch Netflix video offline with Ad-Supported plan, you need a professional third-party tool.

Tool Required: NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader is a professional video downloader designed to help users download videos from Netflix. The program can download videos in MP4 or MKV format from Netflix and the output quality is high (720p at most for Ad-Supported plan). Also, the original multilingual subtitles and audio tracks of the downloaded videos are well-kept. The videos can be downloaded in a batch and will be ad-free. After downloading the videos, users can transfer the videos to any device. If anything goes wrong with the program, the support team will fix it and provide free updates.

netflix video downloader
Features of Netflix Video Downloader:
  • Download Netflix movies, series and documentaries.
  • Save Netflix videos in MP4 or MKV format.
  • Kept up to 1080p video quality.
  • Preserve audio tracks and subtitles in many languages.
  • Flexible and easy to use.
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Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and macOS 10.15 or later

Tutorial: How to Download Netflix Videos with Ad-Supported Plan

For your information, the following tutorial will teach you to download Netflix videos with an Ad-Supported plan. Please install NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader on your computer and follow the tutorial step by step.

1 Log into Your Netflix Account

Please type any word into the search box to pop up a window, which will promote you to log in to your Netflix account. Please log in to your account to proceed.

main interface

2 Customize the Output Settings

You can open the Setting window by clicking the Gear icon to customize the output settings such as video format, video quality (Low, Medium, and High), output folder, etc.

customize output settings

3 Search the Video

You can enter the name of the movie or TV show, or just directly copy and paste the link of video to the search bar. Noteburner will list results for you.

add video

4 Select Output Audio Track and Language

Netflix Video Downloader enables you to select your preferred audio track and subtitle before downloading.

If you are trying to download a TV show, simply click the download icon icon, followed that a window will pop up allowing you to select titles as well as seasons. Then you can click the Advanced Download icon in the bottom left corner to choose audio track and subtitles.

If you want to download a movie, please click the advance download icon icon to open the Advanced Download window.

Note that NoteBurner can offer only 720P resolution at most for Ad-Supported plan subscribers.

advance download

5 Start to Download Netflix Video

Finally, you can click the Download option to download the video. The video will be downloaded to the folder you have selected in Step 2. You can click the Library to check the downloaded video and click the File icon to locate the video.

download netflix video

Final Word

With NoteBurner, you can download videos from Netflix even with an Ad-Supported plan and the downloaded videos will be ad-free. Install NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader to your computer and enjoy watching Netflix videos offline with the Ad-Supported plan now!

Note: Only the first 5 minutes of each video can be downloaded with trial version, please purchase a license to enjoy the full video. It is suggested that to download the trial version and have a test before purchasing it.