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NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader Review

With over 230 million people subscribing to it all over the world, we could say that Netflix is the largest streaming platform. Given the increasing need for offline watching of Netflix videos and playing Netflix videos on different devices, Netflix Video Downloader came into being. NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader could be one of the best Netflix Video Downloaders in the market currently. You may want to know what is it, how it works, and whether it is worth it in detail. Now let me analyze the program for you.

noteburner netflix video downloader review

What is NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader?

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader is a professional video converter tool dedicated to downloading videos from Netflix. The program can download Netflix videos in MP4 or MKV format with high output quality and original multilingual subtitles and audio tracks. After downloading the videos, users can transfer the videos to any devices such as phones, tablets, TVs, PSPs, etc. and watch them without time, Wi-Fi, or ad limits.

main interface

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader is a paid software. It offers three types of subscription plans for you: monthly, annual, and lifetime. A monthly plan will cost you $39.95. An annual plan will cost you $49.95. A lifetime plan will cost you $99.90. You can choose the plan according to your needs. Note that there is no one-month free trial for you, yet you can try the trial version to download the first 5 minutes of each video.

noteburner netflix video downloader price

Why is NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader worth it?

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader has its own advantages that make it stand out from many competitors. Let’s see why it is worth it.

1 Support Downloading Videos in HD Quality

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader supports downloading Netflix videos in HD quality, and you can choose the output quality in the Settings window from Low (240P) to High (1080P) according to your needs and storage.

2 Download Subtitles & Audio Tracks in Different Languages

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader allows you to download videos with its original multilingual subtitles and audio tracks preserved. Also, the 5.1 surround sound is specially provided.

3 Three Subtitle Modes for Watching Videos Anywhere

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader provides external subtitles, internal subtitles, and hardcode subtitles for you. You can choose the subtitle according to your needs. See this page to know the difference of the subtitles.

three subtitles
4 Provide H.264 and H.265 Video Codecs

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader offers H.264 and H.265 Video codecs. With H.265 video codec, the video is downloaded faster and saves more space. The video will also be loaded more quickly, played more smoothly, and displayed with better quality.

h.264 and h.265 codecs
5 Keep Metadata of Downloaded Videos

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader empowers you to keep the metadata of downloaded videos such as the title, duration, cover, format, pixel, etc. You can classify the downloaded videos according to the metadata information.

6 Fast, Reliable & Easy To Use

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader is designed to be concise and user-friendly, allowing users to operate it without effort. It also offers a free after-sale service: you can turn to the support team for help if you meet any problems when using the program.

How does NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader work?

1 Launch NoteBurner and Register

Launch NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader first. Please click the Key icon icon or the "menu icon" icon (on the upper right) > Register. There will be a registration popup dialog, where you can copy and paste the registration email and license code.

2 Log in to Netflix account

Please click on Sign In in the upper right corner to open the login interface, which will promote you to log in to your Netflix account.

log in to netflix
3 Customize Output Settings

You can click the Setting window to customize the output settings such as video format, video quality (Low, Medium, and High), output folder, etc.

customize output settings
4 Add Video

Since NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader seamlessly connects to Netflix website, you just need to simply click the magnifying glass button located in the upper right corner as you usually do in Netflix. You can enter the name of the movie or TV show in the search bar and all related results will be listed for you.

add video
5 Select Output Audio Track and Language

You'll be taken to the details page or the playback page after tapping on the thumbnail of your desired video. At the same time, the gray download icon in the lower right corner will become green, and you can download the video now.

Netflix Video Downloader enables you to select your preferred audio track and subtitle before downloading.

If you are trying to download a TV show, simply click the start downloading icon, triggering a window to appear, which allows you to select titles, seasons, and customize your audio track and subtitles using the "Advanced Download" feature. If you try to download a movie, please click the download icon icon to open the window.

advance download
6 Start to Download

Finally, you can click the Download option to download the video. The video will be downloaded to the folder you have selected in Step 2. You can click the Library to check the video and click the File icon to locate the video.

download netflix video

Now, you can transfer the video to any devices you like and watch them at any time without time limit or ad interruption.

Final Word

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader has everything you want to download Netflix videos and it will keep improving itself to satisfy your new needs. Free updates and an after-sale support team are also provided for you. Why not give it a try?