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How to Save Amazon Videos Forever

As a large company who is capable of competing with Netflix, Amazon offers lots of fascinating videos for people to watch online. However, it is inconvenient to watch them offline as Amazon has put lots of limits on the downloading of its videos and the most inconvenient restriction is that videos cannot be saved forever.

If you have rented a video ($3.99 for a video on average) or subscribed to the Amazon Prime Video ($12.99 per month or $119 per year), a video downloaded from Amazon Prime Video can only be saved for at most 30 days and you have to finish watching the video within 48 hours once you start to watch it. Any expiration will charge you or have you downloaded the video again.

It often happens that all of a sudden we want to watch that video again after 30 days, or that our watching is cut off by some random trivia, and when we finally have time to continue the video, 48 hours have already passed. And seriously are we going to pay for or download the video again and again? So, here comes the question, is there any solution that helps to save videos from Amazon Prime Video forever?

To solve the above problems, NoteBurner Amazon Prime Video Downloader is specially designed for you, which can download Amazon videos with high quality in MP4 or MKV format, with the original subtitles and audio tracks preserved.

save amazon video forever

Amazon Video Downloader

Amazon Video Downloader is a powerful tool to download videos from Amazon Prime Video in MP4 or MKV format, thus helping to save videos forever. Downloaded videos are still preserved with original subtitles and audio tracks. Several video qualities ranging from 1080P to 360P are offered to choose from before downloading. Batch download mode is also offered where users can download batches of videos with one click. Moreover, after the purchase, free after-sale service and updates are provided.

Features of Amazon Video Downloader:
  • Download Prime videos in MP4 or MKV format.
  • Support high-quality videos.
  • Keep subtitles and audio tracks preserved.
  • Support batch download and free after-sale service.
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Tutorial: Save Prime Videos Forever

This guide tells you step by step how to save videos from Amazon Prime Video forever by using Amazon Video Downloader. Before starting, we suggest that you download the program to your PC first.

1 Amazon Account Login

Launch the program, and you will be required to log into your Amazon account first. You need to log in to continue the fllowing operation.

login amazon

2 Customize Output Settings

Click the setting button button on the upper right corner and you may set the output quality, audio type, path, subtitle, etc. in the Settings. You may select the quality according to your needs and storage.

customize output settings

3 Search the Video

You can search the video by either entering the name or copying and pasting the link of the video. Copying and pasting links is recommended as the result will be more specific and that saves time.

Tips: Related series will be listed if you enter the name of a movie.

add video

4 Set Advanced Settings

Before downloading, you may set the quality, subtitle, and audio track that cater to your need. To download a movie, you can find the "Advanced Download" icon next to the "Download" icon. To download a TV show, you can find the "Advanced Download" button on the bottom left of the pop-up window. Amazon Video Downloader provides multilingual audio tracks and subtitles. Also, 5.1 Dolby sound is provided for you.

advanced download

5 Download Amazon Prime videos to Save Them Forever

Click the download icon to download your selected videos to the output folder you set previously. To check the downloaded videos, you may click the Library icon and you can find the video files in MP4 or MKV format there.

download amazon video

Final Word

With NoteBurner Amazon Video Downloader, there is no need to worry about the expiration anymore, and all you need to do is to download videos and enjoy them everywhere at any time. Having been designed as user-friendly and concise, NoteBurner Amazon Video Downloader is believed to be the best choice for you. Just download it if you are interested!

Note: Only the first 5 minutes of each video can be downloaded with trial version, please purchase a license to enjoy the full video. It is suggested that to download the trial version and have a test before purchasing it.

Extra tips - Best AI Video Enhancer

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Note: NoteBurner strictly complies with the US copyright regulations. We adopt a leading technology to record unencrypted video without any protection being circumvented.

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