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How to Download Netflix Series Money Heist

Speaking of the Netflix series with the highest ratings each year, the Spanish series Money Heist (a.k.a., La Casa De Papel) will undoubtedly be among the best ones. Whether or not you have watched Money Heist yet, you have definitely heard a bit of it. Since the air of the first season, many topics of Money Heist have been widely discussed, and the disccusion keeps heating instead of decreasing over the years. Having had fans waited for so long, Money Heist season 5 finally airs for the final ending. There are ten episodes of season 5 and they are divided into two parts and broadcast on Netflix now. And on December 3, 2021, Money Heist's journey on Netflix will end with the arrival of Part 5 Volume 2.

You can watch Money Heist online directly on Netflix, or you can also download it on your device to steam offline. For your information, here we summarized two methods to download the Money Heist. One is to download it from the Netflix app, and the other way is to use a professional software named NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader to download Money Heist without the Netflix app.

Method 1: Download Money Heist from Netflix App

Step 1 Launch Netflix on your laptop, phone, tablet, etc. And login using your Netflix account.

Step 2 Go into "Settings" and select the output Netflix quality (The Standard with Ads, Standard and Premium subscription all can choose full HD quality). The standard option will save your space and bandwidth but the downloaded video will be of lower quality. If you have enough storage space, the setting of "High" will be recommended for a better resolution.

netflix setting

Step 3 Search Money Heist and tab it to go to the description page, then click the "Download" button to start downloading. You will see a notification at the bottom of the screen letting you know it’s downloading.

Step 4 After downloading, you can go back to the Menu and click "My Downloads" buttons to see all of the content you’ve downloaded. And now you can enjoy them anywhere without the internet.

Note: Videos downloaded from Netflix App will be invalid after a certain time, you need to finish your watching before they expire.

Method 2: Download Money Heist With NoteBurner

In addition to downloading the video through the Netflix application, we recommend that you can use NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader. It is a powerful downloading tool that supports you downloading Money Heist or any other Netflix video in MP4/MKV format. The capable tool can help you get rid of all Netflix download limitations. For example, You can transfer the downloaded videos to multiple devices without any device restrictions, and NoteBurner will not restrict the number of videos you can download.

Moreover, NoteBurner allows you to save shows in up to 1080P resolution, and retain multi-language subtitle and audio tracks. It's straightforward to use: simply input the video's keywords into the Netflix browser's search box, click the download icon, and the video will download rapidly. This allows you to overcome equipment limitations on Netflix.

Features of Netflix Video Downloader:
  • Download movies & TV shows from Netflix.
  • Support downloading the HD quality Netflix video.
  • Fast Speed & Easy to Use.
  • Keep audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Free technical support and software upgrades.
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Tutorial: Download Money Heist Forever

Here are detailed steps on downloading Money Heist with NoteBurner. Before following, ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of NoteBurner in your computer.

1 Access Netflix Library

After opening the programme, kindly follow the instruction to sign in your Netflix account to continue the next steps.

main interface

2 Adjust Output Format

Click on the “Settings" icon, now you can make some adjustments. The default video formate is MP4, and MKV format is also available if needed. These two formats support offline viewing of your downloaded videos on any compatible device.

customize output settings

3 Locate Money Heist

You can locate all videos as usual in Netflix for the reason that Netflix Video Downloader has a built-in Netflix browser. Type Money Heist and then Netflix will display the results.

add video

4 Select Output Audio Track and Language

Tap on the video and the gray download icon will turn green, which means you can download videos now.

Simply click the download icon icon when downloading Money Heist, and a pop-up will show up, enabling you to pick seasons to download, and if you plan to download the entire seasons, choose All Seasons. Then click 'Advanced Download', here you can change the audio track and subtitle language.

advance download

5 Save Money Heist Forever

Now there is only one last step left to successfully save Money Heist: click to download. When a pop-up window appears to remind you that the download is successful, you can watch it directly in the Library.

download money heist


It's time to download Money Heist with NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader. Carried with the most advanced downloading core, a simple and intuitive interface, and wide adaptability to devices, NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader must be the most powerful downloader on the market. With it, you can efficiently download any Netflix movie or TV show on any devices for offline watching anytime anywhere.

Note: Only the first 5 minutes of each video can be downloaded with trial version, please purchase a license to enjoy the full video. It is suggested that to download the trial version and have a test before purchasing it.

Note: NoteBurner strictly complies with the US copyright regulations. We adopt a leading technology to record unencrypted video without any protection being circumvented.

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