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How to Fix Netflix Download Failed Error

As one of the largest video streaming platforms, Netflix surely offers download functionality so subscribers can watch their favorite content offline. The process is convenient but you may receive a random download error, especially when you are dying to watch some titles. That is really frustrating. If you have ever been annoyed by the Netflix download failure error, please read on. This article will list some common download failed errors on Netflix and guide you to solve them step by step.

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fix Netflix download failed error

Why Can’t I Download Content on Netflix App?

Download failure may be the most annoying situation for everyone when using Netflix to download movies. In general, most download errors are caused by insufficient storage space or an interrupted network connection, however, there are some other potential factors, such as Netflix download limits, Netflix app stuck. Different download failures may correspond to different reasons, below we have summarized the five most common reasons for errors.

5 Common Netflix Download Error and Its Solutions

1 You have too many downloaded videos
too many downloads

When you come across an error message that says something like "You have too many downloaded videos" followed by a code that reads 10016-22002, 10016-22005, 10016-23000, VC2-CV2-M1-B23000, or DLS.101, it indicates that:

  • You have exceeded the maximum number of videos that can be downloaded simultaneously under the same license agreement.
  • You've reached Netflix's limit for total downloads on a single device (which is capped at 100).
  • You've downloaded too many episodes from a single distributor.

Solution: Regardless of why you're seeing the above error, you need to resolve the error by deleting the existing download.

To do so, please follow: click the pen-shaped edit icon in the upper right corner of the Netflix download page, choose the box next to the title you want to delete, and finally click the trash can icon at the top to delete it.

2 You have reached the yearly download limit for this video
delete downloads

Sometimes the failure reminder may be accompanied by the above prompt and it will be along with error codes like Code NQL.22007, VC2-CV2-M1-B22007, VC2-CV2-M1-B22006. It means that some titles may be available for download a limited number of times per account per year. If you get simliar message like "Yearly download limit reached," it indicates that you have reached the download limit for a specific title.

Solution: To watch the show or movie during the current year, you must be connected to the Internet to stream it. Otherwise, download another show or movie instead.

3 Failed to connect to Netflix
netflix connection fail

When you receive a reminder as above or similar message like "Connection failed", "Unable to connect to Netflix", or some error code including DLS.2, 10023-10008 or 10023-5009, they typically point to a network connectivity issue that is preventing your device from downloading from the Netflix app. Here are six solutions to fix this error.

  1. Check your network. For a public WiFi, make sure whether it block Netflix. For private WiFi, check if your connection is slower than Netflix’s recommended speeds.
  2. Try to sign out of your Netflix account and then sign in again.
  3. Clear the Netflix app data. Pay attention that this method will remove any TV show or movie downloads saved on your device and sign you out of your Netflix account. (This method works on Android.)
    • You need to open Settings and then click Manage Applications in Applications. Tap Netflix > Storage > Clear Data.
    • netflix clear data
  4. Quit Netflix completely and reopen it.
  5. Shut down and restart your device.
  6. Reset your home network.
    • Unplug the power adapters from the router and modem for a few minutes.
    • Reconnect power to the modem first.
    • While the modem is connected to the Internet service, plug in the router.
    • After the router and modem have completely rebooted, reboot the other connected devices.
4 There was a problem with this download
download fails

If you get a message "There was a problem with this download" with error codes like DLST.N1009, DLST.N103, DLST.N61, they typically point that there are corrupted data on your Netflix app and information stored on your devices that needs to be refreshed. 

Solution one: Clear the Netflix app data. This approach is consistent with the third solution to the third type of problem above.

Solution Two: Sign Out of your Netflix.

If you're still unable to download titles after following the steps above, try uninstalling and reinstalling Netflix.

5The download feature is not supported on this device
netflix code 158

When there is a pop-up reminder like "This device is not supported by the app" or similar text with Code 158, it means your device are not compatible with the download feature on Netflix. 

Solution: In order to download Netflix videos, you need to use one of these following devices with the latest version of the Netflix app installed:

  • Android phone or tablet
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Windows 10 or Windows 11 computers
  • Amazon Fire tablet
  • Google Chromebook (with Google Play Store installed)

Tips: Downloads may not be supported on some older operating system versions of these devices. Make sure your device has the latest system installed.

Three Extra Ways to Fix Download Error in Netflix

If you have tried the above solutions and still cannot solve your problem, then we provide three additional general methods to help you.

Method 1Switch Netflix profiles
switch netflix profiles

1. Launch Netflix app and tap the Menu icon in the upper left or upper right corner.

2. There is a Switch icon to switch profile, tap it, log in or add a different profile.

3. Wait until the new profile finishes loading. Now tap Switch icon again and select your original profile.

4. Download the video again.

Method 2Update the Netflix app
update netflix

1. Open App Store and search Netflix in the search bar.

2. Click the Update icon and enter your ID password if need.

3. Once the update finishes, launch Netflix and download again.

Method 3Run Netflix app diagnostics
run netflix diagnostics

1. Launch Netflix app and tap More.

2. Select App Settings. Find Diagnostics and select Download.

3. It may display one of the following error code: NA.2, OF.NA.4, OF.NA.6, OF.NA.7. You can contact Netflix’s support team to fix the issue.

Tips: Netflix Download is still not working?

If you've tried everything you can and still can't download, we recommend a third-party download tool called NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader for you, which can help you avoid some error codes and not be restricted by Netflix.

NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader is a powerful tool that can not only help you saves videos in MP4/MKV formats (which refers that you can save the video permanently), but also allow you to download videos with up to 1080p quality while retaining subtitles and audio tracks. Besides that, you won't be bothered by Netflix's download limit, and you can download all your favorite movies or TV series as you like.

Features of Netflix Video Downloader:
  • Download movies & TV shows from Netflix.
  • Support downloading the HD quality Netflix video.
  • Fast Speed & Easy to Use.
  • Keep audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Free technical support and software upgrades.
netflix video downloader

Tutorial: How to Download Netflix Video with NoteBurner

To begin with, please make sure you’ve installed the latest version of NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader to your computer.

1 Sign in Your Netflix Account

Open NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader in your computer and click "Sign In" to trigger a pop-up window that will guide you to log in to your Netflix account, and then log into your Netflix account.

log into account

2 Select Output Quality

Click the gear button in the upper right corner, so that you can customize the output settings such as video format, video quality (Low, Medium, and High), output folder, etc.

customize output settings

3 Search the Netflix Video

You can type the keywords or the full name of the title to search for the video you want to save.

add video

4 Select Output Audio Track and Language

You can select the audio track and the subtitles before downloading with NoteBurner. To download a TV series, please click the download icon icon, and click the Advanced Download window from the pop-up window to select seasons, specific video quality, audio track, and subtitle track. To download a movie, please click the download icon icon to open the Advanced Download window.

advance download

5 Download Netflix Video

The final step is to click on the download button and wait for the download process to end. You can view your downloaded videos in the Library.

download netflix video


Even though the Netflix download function is very convenient, sometimes the download error happens, which is very annoying. When your download fails, you can refer to the solutions we provide you. If you want to avoid download failures caused by various reasons in the future, you can give NoteBurner a chance. With NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader , you will be able to get rid of annoying download errors and restrictions. Now, try it out and enjoy your favorite Netflix movies!

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