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How to Back Up YouTube Video

“The video has been removed by the user.”

“The video is unavailable.”

“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

“The video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by XXX.”

From time to time, you may encounter situations where you come across notices indicating that the videos you are interested in or have saved in your YouTube playlist are no longer available. It can be frustrating to lose access to these videos, as they can be challenging to find again.

Downloading YouTube videos for backup would be an ideal solution, but unfortunately, YouTube does not offer such a feature. Fortunately, there is a way to download and back up YouTube videos using a video downloader. We recommend using NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader, which is a completely free tool that enables you to download YouTube videos as MP4 or MKV files. With this software, you can save your favorite videos permanently and have peace of mind knowing that you have them backed up.

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YouTube Video Downloader

NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader is a free video downloader dedicated to helping users download videos from YouTube. The program is user-friendly and with no bundled programs. Users can download YouTube videos in HD quality (up to 8K) and keep the original subtitles and audio tracks of the video. The downloaded videos can be saved forever as backup. Note that the output quality of the video is dependent on the original quality of the video, which means that if the original quality is in standard definition, the quality of the downloaded video won’t exceed the original quality. A free after-sale service is also offered and users can ask the support team for help when they encounter any problems.

Features of YouTube Video Downloader:
  • Download any video from YouTube for free.
  • Support downloading music from YouTube.
  • Best video quality, fast speed.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface, easy to use.
  • No bundled program or extra fee.
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Tutorial: Back up Your YouTube Video

NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader is available for both Windows and Mac systems right now. To get started, please download the program to your computer first. The following is a detailed tutorial for you.

1 Add video

First, you need to launch YouTube Video Downloader. Then you can add your interested videos by copying and pasting the links of them into the search bar.

add video

2 Customize output settings

Then, you can click the setting button button on the upper right corner to customize your output settings such as the video quality (High, Medium, and Low) and output path.

customize output settings

3 Choose video/audio format and quality

Before you set to download the videos, you can choose the advanced settings. You can choose the video/audio format and quality in the Advanced Download window. To open the corresponding window, you need to click the advanced download icon on the corner.

If you want to download a video, you need to choose Download as Video in the bottom left corner. Also, you can select the audio and subtitle options in their corresponding columns. If you want to download an audio file, you can choose Download as Audio. You cannot select options in the Video and Subtitle columns. NoteBunrer also allows you to download subtitles as separate files. To do that, simply choose Download as Subtitles.

advance download

4 Download YouTube video to PC

Having operated the above steps, now you can start to download the videos. All you need to do is to click the download icon and the videos will be automatically downloaded by YouTube Video Downloader and saved to the folder that you have chosen in step 2. You can also check the downloaded videos in the Library. Now the videos can be saved forever as backup and you can watch them at any time anywhere.

If you want to check the downloaded videos, you can click the Library icon or you can also open the output folder.

download video

Tips: If you want to download songs from YouTube, NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader can also help. The steps of downloading songs from YouTube are the same as that of downloading videos from YouTube. The only difference is that you should choose M4A, or WebM when selecting the output format.


With the help of YouTube Video Downloader, you can easily download videos from YouTube and move them to a USB drive. The software is completely free and easy to use. If you meet any problems when using the program, you can also ask the support team for help for free. Free updates are provided without paying any fee. We believe that NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader is the best choice for you in the current market. Just install it, try to download some videos and enjoy the videos offline.

Extra tips: If you are also looking for a tool to download Amazon videos, we do have a recommendation for you to download the movies or TV shows from Amazon. Amazon Video Downloader works the same pattern as YouTube downloader, you can simply search the video or copy the URL link from Amazon, and the videos will be downloaded right away.

What's next? Download YouTube Video Downloader now!

Note: NoteBurner strictly complies with the US copyright regulations. We adopt a leading technology to record unencrypted video without any protection being circumvented.

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