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Best Free Tool to Download Music from YouTube

It is hard to figure out how many songs YouTube library has. Because in addition to the official songs from the music labels, YouTube also has live concert videos, fan covers, mashups, and many non-label tracks uploaded by users. On YouTube, you can hear many songs that can’t be found on any music streaming platform.

free download youtube music

YouTube allows you to stream millions of videos and music for free, which is really awesome. But there is no doubt that it can certainly eat a good amount of cellular data especially if you use it often. So, in case you want to listen to YouTube songs on planes, trains, trips, or other places where the internet is limited, you are advised to store YouTube music locally. The process is fairly simple. The key step is to find a professional yet free YouTube music downloading tool.

Go ahead, the following text will introduce a truly free and efficient YouTube Music Downloader to help you download or extract songs from YouTube videos.

Tool Recommended: NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloader

The smart tool mentioned above is called NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloader, the new member of the NoteBurner family but a freeware. Armed with the most advanced HD video and music downloading core, NoteBurner supports to help YouTube users download any audio and video from YouTube, and save them onto the computer in MP4, MKV, M4A and WebM format. Best of all, it is totally free, with no ad traps, no bundled program, and no extra fee.

Features of YouTube Video Downloader:
  • Download any video from YouTube for free.
  • Support downloading music from YouTube.
  • Best video quality, fast speed.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface, easy-to-use.
  • No bundled program or extra fee.
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1. Tips about The Quality and Format

Quality: The maximum of the audio quality is 128kbps. The output video is up to 8K (4320P) in quality. Of course, the quality option is dependent on that of the original uploaded video. If the video was recorded and uploaded in standard definition, it won’t be available to download in high definition.

Format: The most common format of YouTube video is MP4 with AAC audio codec. NoteBurner definitely supports downloading the video in MP4 format and extracting audio in AAC format. Plus, video format "MKV" and audio format "WebM" are both supported.

2. How to Download Songs from YouTube

Please download NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloader first before getting started. Below are the steps:

1 Add Your Desired Video

Run YouTube Music Downloader on PC, and then directly copy and paste the link or enter the keywords of videos from YouTube to NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloader, and then press "Enter" button on your keyboard.

add video

2 Customize Output Settings

Click the setting button button on the upper right corner to customize the video quality (High, Medium, Low), subtitle language, simultaneous download, and output path.

customize output settings

3 Choose Video/Audio Format and Quality

The program will list all downloads option in the "Advanced Download" window. All you need to do is tap the icon advanced download, followed that a window will pop up allowing you to select the corresponding video or audio in different output format & quality.

Tto download an audio file, you can choose Download as Audio. You cannot select options in the Video and Subtitle columns.

advance download

4 Download YouTube Music

After completing the above steps, now the final step is clicking the Download icon to start extracting the audio to the output folder you've chosen in step 2.

download video

Once the download is done, you can find the downloaded songs in W4A, WebM format by clicking the "Library" button or just opening the output folder. Now you've stored the YouTube songs to your computer successfully, you can feel free to transfer them to any of your devices for streaming offline.


Downloading songs from YouTube is pretty easy. You can get many options if searching for "Download music from YouTube" on Google. But if you prefer one with stable performance and provided by a reliable brand, NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloaders is definitely worth your try. Although it is a relatively new member of the YouTube Downloader market, its outstanding features, concise interface, fast speed, all make it stand out from its competitors.

NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloader will make it easy for you to download any of your favorite songs from YouTube to your local computer. And the most important thing is that it is a totally free program. No bundled program and no extra fee. Now simply give it a shot!

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